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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common questions about software details, purchase, setup, and more.

  • Is CapProSoft Aidable?
    Yes, BOCES Aidable and Building Aidable
  • Can we control accessibility?
    Yes, we can set different access level including Ready-Only​
  • Does it do both Export and Import?
    Yes, can output as Excel Sheets or PDFs
  • Do the reports meet State Requirements?
    Yes, all the reports provided by CapProSoft meet the NYS requirements
  • Can we scan and upload documents?
    Yes, it is possible to scan and upload documents
  • Can we log-in from anywhere?
    Yes, CapProSoft is a web based application and it allows to log in from anywhere
  • Can we have access to previous project data?
    Yes, all files are archived in BOCES’s file server
  • Do we have support in using CapProSoft?
    Yes, we have live tech support which can be arranged as Conference Call, Go -To Meeting or Webinar
  • Can we put the account on HOLD until the next project?
    Yes, you can put on hold the account until the next project and you will not lose any data
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